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This plum is.... squishy.
- Ben***********************************************

I'm running through the house flipping on all the lights like, man, if PG&E only knew.
- Jenni*********************************************

i just have to laugh everytime of think of her...cuz this funny picture of a hobbit comes to mind... :::cough:::cough:::
- Carolyn******************************************

You aren't as stupid as you look. You can actually tell when a guy is hot.
- Sasha********************************************

She said my clay face was scary and that it looked like Hannibal. It was supposed to be a woman.
-Lian *********************************************

Ooooooo, whipped cream... that could be disastrous.
-Nick *********************************************

I found a latex glove... moo.

Your shoe blesses me.
-Josh from Return**********************************

Como te phone number?

Timbo: I'm watching my figure
Big Nate: As it expands****************************

I was in sixth grade! I didn't know what I was talking about! It was like, "Mmm, Chelsea... mmm, Fruit Loops."
-Nick O'Ryon***************************************

I've got another question for you Californians. Do ya'll listen to music?
- Abe**********************************************

All they could hear (WHOOOOA) was KACHUNK KACHUNK KACHUNK!
All they could hear (WHOOOOA) was the doctor putting staples in this punk.
- Relient K ***************************************

Duffman is thrusting in the direction of the problem
-Melvin *******************************************

Hast du etwas zeit fur mich/singe ich ein leid fur disch von 99 luftballons/auf ihrem weg zum horizont
-99 Luftballons ***********************************

Oh, my conjugations!
-Max Helzberg *************************************

So I reckon the second I'm deckin' and checkin' and wreckin' the mic, yo/ Got the kingdom of darkness talkin' that I am a psycho!
-Earthsuit ****************************************

I don't like to call myself shallow; I prefer the term, "Selectively deep."
-Two of a Kind