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These are some uber cool pitchas of some of my friends. They're quite fun people and quite fun pics so check them out. I'll have more soon, but I'm too lazy to put 'em up right now. :o)

A lovely note from Hallie (click for her site)

A lovely little banner made by my friend Hallie (aka HaHa). Click it to see her site.

Benny and Darby

Proof that boys and stuffed animals can peacefully coexist

Fun at the zoo

A lemur flipped us off that day

Benno, Chels, and me

Graduation for the Chelseaness


Me and my boy

Nick, Andrew, and Elliot

What a buncha clowns

Sarah, Brennan, and me

Sarah's looking at the camera!!

Me, Jess, and Hana

Happy times in the backseat

Jason and Llama

Love at first sight, I tell ya

The Helms Boys

Bonding with the llama at the fair

Jess and Sauve

Chillaxin' in the hot tub

Marion is awesome

Wishing me a happy birthday!

Nick, Bengie, and me

'Nuff said

Ali, me, and Jess B.

A trip to Sears Point Raceway


My twin... or so they tell me